The Joy Of Being A Hack

June 5th, 2006 · 3 Comments
by Jill Monroe

I’ve spent the day at camp in 90 degree plus heat with 12 first graders. While I should be cooling off with something like an ice bath, I checked my e-mail first. Someone forwarded me the wikipedia entry on hack writers. You know what…I am one. Yes!!

Hack writer – From Wikipedia

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  • Jill Monroe // Jun 5, 2006 at 7:21 pm

    I can’t believe it – I post about this hack comment in a wiki. Now, just hours after, the comment is now gone.

  • Booksquare // Jun 5, 2006 at 8:55 pm

    Ah, Jill, you know how wikis go…or if you don’t, check out what I’ve done to your bio on the RomanceWiki. Speaking of which, someday we need to write the Susan Gable bio. I’m really good at making up stuff.

  • SusanGable // Jun 7, 2006 at 6:07 am

    LOL. OMG! Why am I suddenly very, very afraid?

    Jill, I think a bunch of romance writer descended upon that Wiki entry and had it scrubbed clean. We’re like that sometimes. (g)