The Kindness of Neighbors

May 13th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We are in total passive mode: the news needs to flow to us. While some might think this is another ode to the Beauty of RSS, it’s actually more of a warm fuzzy to those who have kept up with the world while we, and this is not a joke, found out the secret, true name of the movie commonly known as Paperback Romance.

So anyway, these two girls walk into a blog. The first one says:

I’ve been thinking of what you said to me the other night on the telephone about us being veterans of the same war– with our books coming out on the very same day, we’ve been dodging some of the same bullets. Maybe that metaphor is a little extreme, but anyone who has published a book will know what we mean!

The second girl takes a step back, stares at the duck, and says:

Did I say war? I think I meant warp. Note to self: quit chewing ice until your teeth are numb. Anyway, I try to remember that if I feel frustrated about all this book stuff right now, I’d be even more frustrated if I hadn’t yet sold a book.

(via The Happy Booker‘ Muchas gracias!)

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