This Agent Goes To New York…

January 5th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

A former public relations professional leaves the rainy safety of the Pacific Northwest to become a literary agent in New York. No, this is not a new television series, it’s Janet Reid’s life. After burning out in the PR business, Reid turned to agenting. Her agency, opened in 2003, features a mixed list of fiction and non-fiction, placed at a mix of big and small publishing houses.

Reid’s eclectic tastes include genre fiction:

While Reid represents various types of fiction, she is one of those rare agents who is interested in selling mysteries. “Good mystery writers, I think, they have to not only be able to write really good novels, but they have to write them within the constraints sometimes of the genre. I mean justice has to be done, there has to be this, there has to be that. It’s like writing a haiku a little bit. ‘Oh, I’ll just dash off a genre novel, like it’s something easy.’ Yeah, right.

Mystery isn’t the only genre Reid will consider (though she’s not generally a science fiction person):

For fiction, Reid is open to mysteries, chick-lit, and novels set in the West. “I am a passionate advocate for why chick-lit is not frothy pink crap that everyone should be ashamed to read,” she says. “I look at Jennifer Weiner, I look at Sophie Kinsella, the Shopaholic series, which, OK sue me, I love. That kind of stuff. I don’t get a lot of it because I don’t have romance on my list and a lot of people consider that a subset of romance.”

Vitals: JetReid Literary Agency, Am Co Center #106, 201 E 10th St, New York, NY, 10003. Query via snail mail only.

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