This Is Actually More Helpful Than It Appears

November 16th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Much to our surprise, more than a few visitors use the Mozilla browser when playing on the Web. Now the rest of you (except the Konqueror users — merely because we admire your pluck), we need to talk. Specifically about tabbed browsing. There is no greater thing of beauty. In a single window, you can have multiple (in our case, well over a dozen on some days) tabs open. Until you’ve experienced the ease and freedom of tabs, you haven’t lived. Links from emails can be opened in the same window; all it takes is a simple setting. Since we discovered tabs, we’ve been much happier.

Also, there’s the issue of viruses and spyware and pop-ups and such. The beauty of automatic pop-up blocking may pale next to tabs, but barely. Sure, a switch to Firefox (or the full Mozilla suite, if that’s what you need; we don’t) will expose how poorly constructed many websites are — don’t blame the developers. Okay, blame them a little, but remember, they were scarred by the endless browser wars. Many are just now regrouping. Firefox will make you happy. And, really, that’s all we want for you.

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