Those Romance Writers Didn’t Leave A Crumb!

December 16th, 2004 · 2 Comments
by Jill Monroe

You’d think Champagne and romance go together. Actually, it’s Champagne and the romance writer which probably don’t mix. As Gena and I enter PC Cast’s booksigning we’re each handed a glass of the bubbly. Since the two of us talked non stop from OKC to the booksigning (which was about 2 hours) we were both very thirsty. In only moments after downing my share, I feel the heat of a flush, and then I can’t stop smiling.

“I need some food. Now.” Even a small glass is dangerous on an empty stomach.

Crackers and one of those delicious herb cheese spreads. Politely, we each take one cracker, spread a little cheese, and then consume in the kind of small bites somewhere along the way we’ve been told was well-mannered. It was the best cracker ever.

Gena’s the first to break the ice. “Let’s get another.” We rush back to the table, this time slathering on the cheese spread. That cracker was just as good. Dare we get another? The line in front of PC has gone down, so we decide to go buy our books. But there’s a problem, once you’ve thrown away the plate, you’re committed to not getting any more food. Gena and I opt to keep our plates.

PC introduces us to all. She’s vivacious, and the booksigning is going really well. PC burst onto the scene a few years ago writing paranormal/fantasy romance and now she’s award winning. “Go have some food,” she tells us.

Good decision on keeping the plate. I get another cracker, but notice they’ve now placed out little bite-sized cheesecakes. For those who know me well, they know cheesecake is my absolute favorite. I was in absolute heaven in NYC. My friend Jenn bought many many different kinds, then set up a little tasting party in the hotel room. (Of course I did other cool New York things like the Empire State Building, Subway, and walk down Broadway – yes, I saw the Naked Cowboy.) I make a mean chocolate pumpkin cheesecake at Thanksgiving.

And can you believe no one was eating these? How can you let cheesecake go to waste?

I take one, and slowly, slowly eat it. (I’ve tried to teach my children the proper way of eating cheesecake, one small bite at a time, savoring the flavors in your mouth. I have one savorer but the other is a cheesecake downer.)

Did I mention no one is eating these? I take another.

I had visions of people snickering, and share it with Gena. “Did you see those romance writers?”

She nods. “You’d think they’d never seen food.”

I finally commit – I throw away my plate.

With a hug to PC, Gena and I head out on search for food, oh, and our books.

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  • gena showalter // Dec 16, 2004 at 2:19 pm

    I have a slightly different view point about the crackers. I believe by the time I left, I had cheese smeared around my mouth and cracker crumbs in my hair. I might have even eaten my plate. I can’t remember from the famished haze I’d entered. And perhaps, just perhaps, I bit a woman (with dark, curly hair) for trying to steal the last cake square from my Kung Fu grip.

  • Susan Gable // Dec 16, 2004 at 3:24 pm

    OMG, I can just imagine how you would have behaved if there were CHOCOLATE on the buffet. (G)