Trust Us

May 18th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We’re not much for demanding unbridled trust — we’ve been known to stretch the truth when it suits our purpose. But due to the Los Angeles Times’s insistence on keeping content under lock and key, we worry our faithful readers will miss out on a gem from Sunday’s edition. So please take our word for it — don’t worry that you’ve been denied something incredible. You haven’t. Don’t get us wrong: we adore good satire. Heck, we even enjoy mediocre satire, and will laugh at really bad jokes because our sense of humor is warped. Generally we even like Mary McNamara’s articles. But she had this crazy idea to reinvent herself as the snobby, snarky Amber Wavesofgrain (Amber, as a name, is so over), and riffs on Chicklit. Alas, the article misses the target. Which is a shame because there is so much in Chicklit worth satirizing.

File Under: Square Pegs