We Know, We Know, But That Was Before It Reached the Height of Ridiculousness

December 30th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It is beyond our ken at this point: why would you want to take a tour of sites mentioned in a book without having read the book in question? Other than, we suppose, the fact that sites mentioned are generally the types of places tourists would frequent anyway. It is hard for us to imagine getting worked up about something you have absolutely no context for.

Yet the proprietors of the, uh, Angels and Demons tour remind you that reading the book isn’t necessary. Something tells us this is a boon of sorts. What amazes us even more is that the fascination with Dan Brown’s work hasn’t filtered to counter-culture hero Robert Anton Wilson. He mined the same field, so to speak, as Brown long before the latter put fingers to keyboard (or, to put it another way, Wilson used pens, paper, and typewriters).

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