We’d Like To Thank, Well, Someone

October 13th, 2005 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

The first annual Quills Awards has come and gone. Except we think there’s going to be a televised special. We will continue to puzzle over the lack of suspense airing a show after the awards have been announced will create*. We swear that sentence made sense before we typed it. We will also puzzle over this:

But the Quills can hardly claim a broad mandate with readers. According to comScore Networks Inc., which tracks the Internet, the Quills site attracted so little Web traffic during the voting period, fewer than the threshold of 25,000 unique visits a week, that it can’t even offer an exact number.

As any stats-obsessed blogger knows, you do not have to go to some crazy third party tracking company to get exact numbers (and what kind of company cannot count below 25k?). If the Boston Globe wants to know how many unique visitors the Quills people had, all they need to do is ask the organization to check its logs. Though our journalism days are fuzzy, we believe this is called “checking with the source.” Very simple — and we’re sure the information is already available. We know how geeks work.

* – Due to the fact that we don’t want to spoil anyone’s television viewing pleasure, we will suppress our urge to announce the whole slate of winners. Suffice to say there are many familiar names on the list.

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