We’re Not Saying Scoop, But…

November 4th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

This just in: the new Graham Greene is stirring up controversy. Lots of controver…Wait, didn’t we just write something about this last month? We’re quite sure of it. Hold on, we need to check.

Okay, the good news is we’re not crazy. The bad news is the New York Times is the kid who’s running after the bus. However, we recommend the article to you on the basis of a new and exciting scandal it illuminates. It is the kind of dish that makes us want to buy tickets for all our friends. Yes (Jill is getting all excited, because she can anticipate what has us in a tizzy), there’s a comma scandal. A freakin’ comma scandal. Like, wow, a war over punctuation. We may take the whole day off to celebrate.

And they said it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime.

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