We’re Not Sure “Publishing” and “Cool” Should Be Allowed in the Same Sentence

September 28th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Now, don’t get us wrong — we support the concepts behind Simon Spotlight Entertainment. There is a dearth of books geared toward the, uh, hipper audience. Wow, we can’t even type that word without sort-of giggling. Maybe it’s because by the time there’s a book, the cool factor has frozen. That and we’re pretty sure Ashlee Simpson is a made-up celebrity.

We do like the idea of a publisher who can respond quickly to modern culture — and one who is willing take risks (now, how willing the corporate parent will be is another question). MediaBistro’s interview with Jen Bergstrom is a great introduction to the imprint, though we would offer Bergstrom one suggestion: your target audience is broader than you think. Fifteen is the new thirty, while 40 is the new 28. These aren’t your parents’ grown-ups.

  • Q&A: Jen Bergstrom
    – The associate publisher of Simon Spotlight Entertainment—Simon & Schuster’s hip, new imprint for teens and twentysomethings—talks about the launch, its runaway success, and taking on the ultimate competition. (the article looks like it’s freely available)

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