When Editors Get That Funny Feeling

March 21st, 2006 · 1 Comment
by Booksquare

The best thing you can do to Kate Nitze of MacAdam Cage is give her a stomachache — you now, the kind of pain that says a story is good, really good. The worst thing you can do? That thing about drinking no wine before its time? Same for stories — don’t submit until the story is good and finished.

MacAdam is a small house — approximately 30 titles per year — focused on literary fiction. Nitze is attracted to the classic elements:

As I mentioned above, a confident voice (whether first or third person); arresting imagery; a sense of uncertainty or impending heartbreak; interesting, flawed, and still likeable characters (especially displaced characters, outsiders); and vivid settings — I love both barren landscapes and the challenges that come with them as well as the chaos of cities.

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  • Kid Ricky // Sep 25, 2007 at 11:19 am

    Lightly Optimistic would have made the membership free! Pay to read interviews? AvanGuild is crazy! and out of buisness.