When The Going Gets Tough

June 25th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The tough get weird. We were warned not to read this article. Then we figured, what the heck, we have a full bottle of wine at the ready. So we did. We wish we could express shock. Instead, we feel the author’s pain; we also wonder how far we’d go in the same situation. We’ve talked about this, from various angles, quite a bit lately. We still believe there’s a place for what The Literary Reader calls the “better ones”, and we think authors need to think outside tradition. TLR explores alternatives for publishing. And we think he’s right. If you’ve been paying attention, we’ve discussed alternatives to traditional mainstream publishing quite a bit (if you need help, let us know…we have lots of reading for you to catch up on). You might call it a passion (we call it a hobby). But it’s not just authors who need to adjust their mindsets — readers need to rethink where and how they get their books, too.

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