When We’re Gone

August 6th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The husband and I were talking about one of our prized possessions: specifically the Replacements mobile from the Pleased to Meet Me Tour. This was the tour where the band was pleased to meet us multiple times. We also think this is the tour where the husband stole Paul Westerberg’s beer, but that’s another topic entirely. We can’t imagine getting rid of such an item, but we don’t recall seeing it in the past ten years.

But anything could be in the boxes in the garage. The ones with “Important” in big black and red letters on all four sides. We think we should someday try to make order out of the mess we have packed away, but something tells us we won’t find the mobile, nor will we find letters such as those Sol Stein found. When we’re gone, will someone read our letters as we will those of James Baldwin, Stein’s lifelong friend?

Dear Sol:

. . . I thought I was sick, and indeed I was, but it turned out to be only a breakdown. About breakdowns, baby, there is nothing to say, nothing one can say while it’s happening, nothing to be said when it’s over. . . .

Love, Jimmy

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