Wherein We Hope The Demand Is So Great, The Polling Places Run Out of “I Voted” Stickers

November 2nd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We don’t often link to Wall Street Journal Stories because they like people to subscribe (with cold hard cash, no less), but today’s story about a Nobel Laureate is freely avaiable. In other words, read it fast. But, wait!!! Stop. Before you read anything, we ask you to go vote. This whole government of the people, by the people thing only works if you do you job.

Last week, Ms. Ebadi and her American literary agency, the Strothman Agency of Boston, sued the Treasury Department, which enforces the sanctions, in Manhattan federal district court. The suit says the regulations ignore congressional directives to exempt information and creative works from the trade sanctions, and more broadly violate the First Amendment rights of Americans to read what they wish. The restrictions “seem to defy the values the United States promotes throughout the world, which always include free expression and the free exchange of ideas,” Ms. Ebadi says in an affidavit filed with the suit.

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