While The Felines Are Distracted

September 3rd, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

A long time ago, we witnessed a virulent, specific argument about a film (Full Metal Jacket). We watched as our friends Ellen and Brad turned red, pounded furniture, and put up their dukes. We were dumbfounded by the passion and divergence of opinions this film raised in Ellen and Brad.

Neither had seen it, of course.

The argument left them with a mutual distrust of their opinions.

There is a trend toward bashing art you haven’t seen. It happens far too often. John McCain hasn’t actually seen Farenheit 911, yet commented upon scenes. Scenes that weren’t in the film. Seeing, reading, or hearing an excerpt (or trailer) is not the same as encountering a film or book or song in context. By that, we mean in its entirety. We don’t mind informed opinion or criticism, but do the work before you bash art. Look at the picture, view the sculpture, read the comic strip, put the song in your iPod, open the book, watch the movie. Then tell us what’s wrong. Or tell us what’s right — and how your viewpoint may have changed because of what you’ve witnessed.

This message brought to you by Citizens for Informed Criticism.

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