Why Didn’t We Know This?

May 11th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

A tipster directed us to this very informative article. We are sharing because, frankly, we know so many authors who are going about this publishing thing in the wrong way. In fact, we’ve made one or two missteps ourselves (but, of course, we don’t admit to them). The article touches on the basics of blogging-for-publishing-deals (including tips for staying alive — as it turns out, dead bloggers aren’t quite as effective, nor can they sign contracts) and all but promises editorial interest. This may be why the author remains slightly anonymous while helpfully pointing to others who’ve found success.

Update: Word is trickling out that isabella v of She’s a Flight Risk is shopping her book and has optioned rights for the movie. Raises a few questions in our minds, but we’ll save them for another day.

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