With A Whimper

March 9th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Back when the story was hot, hot, hot, the world was rife with speculation about the fate of Miramax Books. What would happen to this fine publisher? Would it move in with step-parent Disney or stay with the Weinsteins?

Even then, we knew the truth: you don’t lose assets without good reason. Disney didn’t get to be Disney by allowing high profile divisions to slip away. Sure, high profile producers get the boot, but, let’s face it, in Hollywood, you can always find another high profile producer (note: this type of thinking is dangerous and usually ends up in tears. But that’s another post entirely).

It appears that Miramax Books will fold into Hyperion. We believe this is the point where we’re supposed to think, “Wow. Hyperion. We know it well.” However, we have a dozen and one things to do this morning, and don’t have time to think. Jonathan Burnham is moving to HarperCollins. We think it’s good that he moves out to of the house before the final split.

  • Miramax Books Big Moves On (Note: We believe this headline is some sort of play on the Variety-style, but without more caffeine, cannot be sure)

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