Working With Technology

September 10th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Yes, it amuses us greatly to point to the music industry as a source of innovation. After all, how can we take seriously a beast that has worked so hard to dominate the forest, only to find out the ants are running things quite nicely? We can’t, and as always, ignore the labels and look toward the artists.

For most musicians, like most authors, there is not a lot of money in making and selling products. There are a lot of consumers out there, and they are faced with a lot of choices. Getting someone to put down hard-earned cash for a CD or a book requires some enticement: a catchy song, clever cover copy, a “I want to know what happens next” excerpt. We cannot tell you how to use technology to your advantage (okay, we can — we are a font of advice), but we suggest that artists not rely on major corporations to move swiftly. Use your creative mind to think beyond traditional publicity. The sales you increase may be your own.

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