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December 22nd, 2004 · No Comments
by Jill Monroe

When it comes to promotion, I have become basically a follower. Most all romance writers have a website. I have a website. Most all romance authors do a contest. I’m having a contest. A lot of romance writers have a yahoo e-mail loop – I have a yahoo e-mail loop. The best thing about these – they are just about free, which fits my price range quite nicely.

Romance writers typically will run a contest of some sort to get people excited about their book and coming to their site (here’s where the follower part comes to play). As I mentioned, I’m running a contest, too. Now I’ve seen some romance writers give away jewelry, and even a ride in a limousine. As Sallie Mae is the other woman in our lives, my contest prizes are more modest. Yet, still very VERY cool (alas, it’s not Big Blue). In fact, I’m running two contests.

I’m curious if other genre writers run contests of these sorts.

I really didn’t know how to do this, so I asked my good friend Susan Gable. Since I’m going to do a random drawing off my yahoo list, she directed me to a site that issues random numbers. The prize was easy – iTunes (my new obsession). That way my winner can get whatever music they really like.

I’ve also noticed some authors hold a trivia contest, something having to do with their book. I was on it! And I had the perfect prize – iTunes. Gena Showalter gave me a marshmallow scented candle (this has some significance in my book) and it is the BEST smelling candle in the world. Smells just like a toasted marshmallow from my girl scout camping trips of old. Yummy! So, I’m throwing one of those in there, too.

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