You Have A Book, Now What?

July 21st, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

While we imagine there are some out there who love doing publicity, most authors seem to treat it like a chore — one that could make or break a career (possibly if cleaning refrigerator had such impact, we’d be more inclined in that direction). Publishers offer varying levels of marketing support to authors, commensurate with past experience or future hopes.

Yes, Virginia, this means that many authors don’t get to sit on the couch next to Katie Couric. Most authors do signings in bookstores in towns they never thought they’d visit, facing an audience of one or two curious people.

To succeed with your publicity requires understanding it. Thus, it helps to get inside the mind of an expert. That’s where Dan Wickett comes in. Dan talks to Kathy Daneman of SoHo Press, Lauren Cerand, an Independent Publicist, and James Meader of Picador. While they talk about various aspects of their job, they each emphasize the importance trusting your publicist and understanding the end-goal:

It’s important for writers to understand that if they want readers to even know that their books are available to be purchased and read they’ll have to participate in some form of promotion. It’s just a fact. Without publicity and marketing, very good books will simply remain unheard of. (James Meader)

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