Your Bookseller, You Friend

June 15th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

In his continuing coverage of all aspects of the business, Dan Wickett talks to independent booksellers about the advantages (and disadvantages) of a smaller, more intimate store. Hmm, that almost sounded like we have a prejudice in one direction. Surely that’s not so. As always, we found every word to be fascinating, but were particularly struck by this comment as it’s such a cool idea:

Customer Service, without a doubt. I can safely say that the customers who shop at our store walk away having had an experience. There’s lots of conversation here, whether it be about news that local, regional, national, or books; conversation breeds community. We offer a 15% discount to book groups who “register” with us. And I use the word “register” in the loosest of terms. And currently we have about a dozen book groups coming to us to get their monthly selections. We’ve got a section just for them so one group can see what another is reading. That always sparks conversation. (RoseMarie London of Chickering Bookstore in Laramie, WY)

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