A Day Late on the Innovation Front

May 3rd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Leave it to those wacky Canadians to start a trend. Oh wait, they technically haven’t started anything since Bob & Doug Mackenzie told us about “hosers”. Or did Canada introduce national health care after that? It’s so hard to keep all this history stuff straight.

Still Canada keeps trying. Surely one trend will filter down to the United States from the north. Like tracking book sales. Just think of the possibilities. An accurate gauge of what’s being sold. It will be like Christmas to the publishers! No more of that guessing stuff. Canada rules!

Sorry. Carried away. Too much sun during our lunch hour. Let us begin again:

And in other news, Canada has announced that it will begin tracking book sales with a service called BNC Sales Data. The system will function in a manner similar to BookScan and other systems utilized around the world. Data will be collected, aggregated, processed, and analyzed. In related news, publishers will continue to function as they always have.

File Under: Square Pegs