A Day Without Tim O’Reilly Is Like. . .

November 11th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It’s hard to tell when we fell in love. Was it the marmot? Or the camel? The nuthatches, spiders, or horses? Or was it the fact that Tim O’Reilly publishes books with covers that make us happy*? O’Reilly is one of those pro-electronic publishing guys who talks the talk and walks the walk. We imagine him as tall and lean with floppy hair falling over his eyes.

Do not send links to photos — without our fantasy life, we are nothing.

O’Reilly discusses a few key points relating to piracy and the art of making entertainment — especially those works that are not lucky enough to achieve blockbuster status — available to widest possible audience.

Lesson 1: Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy.

He also repeats one of our favorite themes:

Lesson 3: Customers want to do the right thing, if they can.

ktwice – Because, given our general lack of interest in becoming a full-fledged geek, the words inside weren’t really important.

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