A River Runs Through a Conundrum

July 11th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Three Rivers Press welcomes Katie McHugh as associate editor. Publisher’s Lunch tells us she will be acquiring practical nonfiction (we eagerly await the day someone less lazy than us publishes a cheat sheet of publisher terminology). Though we would argue some titles in her repetoire could verge into the realm of impractical nonfiction, she’ll be seeking self-help, fitness/health, parenting, personal finance, and popular reference. Hmm, we are even more confused on the practicality of all this: there is a Three Rivers Press which is a division of Crown, which is a division of Random House, and there’s a Three Rivers Press (CA), which does not appear to have a website. Both seem like possible candidates. Or perhaps they’re the same and the Interent has not yet realized it. Makes one wonder exactly how many rivers there are out there.

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