And Now We Are Reminded of Why Fiction Matters

March 16th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

After our last rant, we thought we’d take a little break and contemplate life. No fun, that. We merely moved to the next item on our list (we are experimenting with the concept of getting things done — so far the things are winning). And read an article that made it all clear. It doesn’t matter how serious you are or what color your cover is; fiction is all about telling a story. I you can have a part in changing your world while doing it, that is it’s own reward.

The writing reflects the rising discontent in the kingdom and across the Middle East, where young populations increasingly exposed to Western ideas are demanding more social and political freedom. By taking on the powerlessness of women, the tyranny of tribal society and the role of religion in the birthplace of Islam, the writing is slowly undermining the cultural conventions that have kept provocative fiction off book shelves here for years.

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