Aqua is the New Pink

May 12th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Yesterday (or thereabouts, time flies, you know), we published an article where Marian Keyes declares 40 to be the new 30. We’ve been saying this for quite some time. But to discover that aqua is the new pink? We’re simply not sure how this affect our decorating plans. And so it goes for chicklit, so many changes, so hard to keep up. It’s been a rough week for this budding genre. It always is for books about women, by women, that sort of thing. The article, fairly evenhanded, explores the good and not-so-good about chicklit (yes, Virginia, feminism did happen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t worry about ugly shoes). Newsday also explores the much lamented (by us anyway) expansion of the use of “lit” after every conceivable permutation of, well, chicklit.

Update: Author Jennifer Weiner takes Plum Sykes and Erica Jong to task. We don’t think Weiner has an issue with honest criticism of chicklit — just uninformed criticism.

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