As Sure As The Sun Shines

June 17th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

This is ever-so-slightly off-topic, but what the heck — it’s that kind of day. Recently we clarified Hollywood press release language (which meant all our readers were clear on the recent WB Network “resignations”); now we feel compelled to point out a Hollywood cultural phenomenon. Yes, kids, it’s the inevitable lawsuit. We realize the movie biz isn’t the most original industry in the world, but we are perpetually bemused by the fact that every single motion picture released is apparently plagiarized in some manner. Seriously, what are the odds? We cannot comment on the merits of this particular suit (actually, we can comment, but as we have no particular knowledge of the facts, we’ll suppress our natural urges), but will note that eventually there will be case of the lawsuit that cried wolf bringing this litigious phenomenon to a grinding halt.

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