The Daily Square – Imperial Teen Edition

August 18th, 2006 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • Matters of Imagination
    What, at the heart of things, is the effect of great literature?
  • So You Want to Be a Writer
    Can writing be taught? Atlantic looks at advice to writers and teaching the art.
  • Harry Potter Loves Malfoy
    The Japanese approach to copyright inspires creativity. Could this be a model for the United States? Don’t hold your breath…
  • The Neutrality of this Article is Disputed: Inside Wikimania2006
    Wikis work because they are the voice of the community. They also work (and this is a well-kept secret) because they are great ways to collect information in a usable format. But that makes for less interesting journalism — you’ll simply have to trust us
  • Writers take themselves undercover to derail `the track’
    Ah, the old "change your name when sales start to slow" trick — it’s been around as long as publishing.
  • Click to download
    Amazon’s plans for the future have not been splashy or, oddly, as widely dissected as others’, but anyone who’s been paying attention has noted that Amazon is positioning itself for world domination.

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