The Daily Square – My Favorite Things Edition (John Coltrane Version)

March 21st, 2007 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • Jim Donovan Literary: Nonfiction ‘An Easier Sell’
    While they’re looking for a wide range of genres, yeah, non-fiction is easier to sell. However, this agency lays down the law: Donovan says, "Writers don?t understand how much revision has to go on before a manuscript is ready for publication. What I get from people who have never been published is stuff that’s rough and really needs work. The characters or plot might be interesting, but the writing betrays evidence of inferior writing skill."
  • Wiley Claims to Be First in Second Life
    In what is becoming particularly delicate parsing of terms, Wiley disputes Bantam Dell’s claim to be the first North American publisher to open in Second Life. We eagerly await further developments in this war of firsts.
  • Bestsellers, Acquisitions Drive Random
    If this said "drive randomly", well, we’d have lots of snark. Since it doesn’t, we’ll go with "means better results, higher sales, greater prospect for decent executive bonuses this year".
  • Speaking volumes: why I like writers’ talks
    Two: then again, it’s nice to know there’s a human behind the books.
  • Favorite Author Not on Tour? See the Movie
    Two thoughts on the live-and-in-person (or video) thing: one, this feels like it could end up a bit like seeing what your favorite DJ looks like in real life.
  • After The New Media Flood Comes The Niche
    While the content providers strive to be all they can be (and more!), we seek the smaller, more intimate embrace of niche aggregators.
  • Skilled Ear for Music May Help Language
    BS favorite theory # 7 proven. We love it when we’re right.
  • Publishers wail: how can we profit from the web?
    Dudes, we’ve been telling you how to do this for years. It’s not that hard, you know, to think beyond the traditional distribution model.
  • Publishers digitise for internet browsers
    In one of those headlines that could be read multiple ways, we tend to think that the browsers in question are shoppers…
  • Reinventing the look (even smell) of a book
    Proceed with caution (the reinventors, not our dear readers).
  • Jane Addiction
    How do you know you’re a Jane Austen fan? When you read an article, note an obvious error, and figure the comments will be rife with corrections. Yes, kids, Cassandra was Jane’s real-life sister, not Elizabeth Bennet’s novel-life sister.

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