The Daily Square – Sugar Town Edition

June 16th, 2008 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Today’s links of interest:

  • Maybe We Can…
    Sara Nelson of Publisher’s Weekly offers a strong call to the future for the publishing industry.
  • NEA Awards .8 Million in Big Read Grants
    More cities and institutions get dollars to promote local reading.
  • The New Progressive Book Club Is Geared to Liberals
    Beyond that, it’s also geared toward marrying the publisher book club model with the social aspects of book clubs started by readers: slate of books combined with real-life and online discussion and interaction. And that’s the beauty of the idea!
  • Make or break with the write stuff
    Where advances were once the things of quiet whispers, they’re now the subject of press releases. Big authors get big advances. Authors that publishers believe will be big — like the UK’s Matt Hilton — also get big advances coupled with high hopes. And in the age of the ever-elusive bestseller, publishers forget the rest of the readers.
  • The government should do more to encourage reading for pleasure
    UK, US, both governments could do a better job. And we, as citizens, should demand that kind of commitment to the future!
  • Family in battle over web address
    It’s really hard to say what is the saddest aspect of this story about a normal family purchasing the domain…the fact that the CS Lewis company is so worried about the .mobi extension impeding its brand or the fact that the CS Lewis company failed to do what any responsible modern business must do: buy all possible domains if you don’t want someone else buying them first. Simple.
  • Small Publishers Feel Power of Amazon?s ?Buy? Button
    Um, welcome to the party, New York Times. The newspaper covers some of the recent Amazon-related controversies.

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