From The Desk of Our Legal Reporter

April 5th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Because we can’t bring ourselves to even think about the Jane Fonda media blitz (what is it about people named Jane and the need to confess all in an attempt to reach readers/viewers? Even though we know the drill, the whole thing smacks of horrible desperation), we have made the executive decision to cover an entirely different celebrity story. The Booksquare Board so enjoys the meetings where these topics are debated.

Yes, dear readers, we are returning to the Alicia Keys/Noah Lukeman story that occupied our imagination for a good five minutes a very long time ago. While we weren’t looking, it seems there was all manner of behind-the-scenes negotiating and maneuvering. We are thrilled to announce that The Case Has Settled. As is standard operating procedure, no details are forthcoming due to non-disclosure agreements and such. Since it is incumbent upon us to speculate, we’re going with a portion of the advance and free concert tickets for life.

Oh, and though we don’t pretend to be experts in much, we strongly suspect “Putnam” was not the second agent. Probably because our memory says David Vigliano. Putnam was the publisher. It isn’t easy being a stickler for detail.

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