Judith Vs. Jenna — Exclusively?

April 13th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

You would think that a story about Judith Regan and Jenna Jameson suing each other would be enough to occupy our interest for a good two or three minutes. Heck, normally, we’d think that. But that was before we were diverted by the idea that the The New York Daily News is claiming they have an exclusive on the story. Is it even possible to have exclusive rights to court documents? Did we misunderstand the concept of public records somewhere along the way. If so, be gentle.

Oh yeah, the Jenna Jameson reality show is coming to a network near you. After the dueling lawsuits are resolved or one of the parties loses interest. Whichever comes first.

One final thing before we go away. Is it us or was the Daily News so eager to get their exclusive online that they forgot to proofread the headline? Or is this secretly a story about pastry and we’re missing the subtext?

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