Lawsuits: Cheap Entertainment For The Masses

February 2nd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

If you are the type who craves constant mental stimulation, well, probably you should stop reading this. We’re not going to get much deeper than the surface here. Why? Because we’re talking about Stupid Human Tricks — or, why sometimes it’s better not to sue.

One inevitable drawback of the right to sue is the fact that people take advantage of this privilege. This is why we must have ridiculous notices on commercials, etc. telling us not to try this at home. You wonder who would, then realize it is the nature of our species to do things other animals would consider dangerous. While there is (certainly) an element of seriousness underlying most lawsuits, we still take it as our right to derive great joy from human folly.

Today, we bring you great moments in publishing and the legal system. Told you it wouldn’t get deep.

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