Maybe It’s Just Us, But Do We Really Need To Rewrite All History?

November 17th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

“This is very important and credible research. We should not be afraid to destroy the myths, ” Francesco Pirella of Genoa’s Museum of Print told Discovery News.

No, no, we should be afraid to destroy myths. Please allow us to cling to our belief that Gutenberg was, well, Gutenberg’s real last name (please, our heart can’t take any more shocks today) and he invented moveable type. Because it opens up so many questions, like, oh, if he didn’t, who did? It’s not like we know of a long line of pretenders to the throne. Did the printing process suddenly appear out of nowhere? We don’t think so.

Surely this isn’t good for society.

Yeah, we are a little worked up by the possible discovery of Atlantis, why do you ask?

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