Norma Khouri Update

August 17th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We have willfully ignored the the fact that Pamela Anderson “wrote” a book (though we applaud her for admitting the extent of her authorial input) in favor of the twists and turns of the Norma Khouri affair. In the beginning, we wanted to believe Khouri. Then things grew murky, and we had to admit perhaps we were wrong. Which we thought was a shame given the subject matter and the loss of credibility she created for herself. Now she’s saying, okay, I made some stuff up, changed a few things around, but the basic story is true.

She’s also saying she didn’t get paid (royalties), but that’s another issue entirely.

We’ve written at length of this topic, so only have one thought to add (okay, more than one, but time is short, so we’ll restrain ourselves). It’s been a month. What took so long? Why did she supply sketchy proof to her publisher? Why not tell the truth up front? Why should we believe you now?

Truly, that was one thought. Our brain is as incapable of brevity as our fingers.

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