Not A Job for Autodidacts

February 22nd, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

So it’s all night with the thunder. Finally, sleep, and then the parrots started going crazy. We estimate there are over one hundred parrots screaming and terrorizing the neighborhood. Apparently, they’re going to keep doing this until it stops raining and trees regain appropriate leaf cover. The husband thinks it’s time to make little parrots and nature isn’t cooperating. We think parrots are loud and proud and easily riled up by instigator parrots.

We are currently listening to On Writing on our iPod (goal: catch up on reading while enjoying the splendors of the treadmill; result: we like loud, fast music, not so much reading getting heard), and paused (mentally, not physically) when we heard Stephen King say the word “diaper.” He lingered over each vowel, in a way giving lie to the “when two vowels go walking” rule. It’s funny how someone’s slightly different pronunciation can throw of your rhythm.

Yes, this is a cool story about audiobooks and the man who makes sure they sound right. You think you face challenges with spelling:

Perhaps nothing is trickier than pronouncing words that don’t actually exist.

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