On The Road

October 1st, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We still haven’t looked at yesterday’s news and were barely able to skim this morning’s. We did try to play one of the Internet’s many debate drinking games, but things backfired almost immediately. We sent the husband off to open a bottle of wine, thinking he’d immediately head for the Two-Buck Chuck. We gave up hopes of overindulging because what he heard, bizarrely, was, “Please open the most expensive bottle on the rack — the one we keep around just in case we have to impress a serious wine snob.”

Now we have to acquire another dummy bottle of we-drink-this-stuff-all-the-time wine.

While we’ll be traveling (our goal today: to stave off Mount St. Helens with our offerings to the Meeting Gods), we’ll be thinking of clever things to write upon our return. In the meantime, there’s fun over at Maud Newton’s blog. She’s hired a Secret Agent to talk about the mysterious business of representing authors.

  • The Secret Agent (so far only, one installment, but future postings will also be at this link)

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