Pushing Our Buttons

August 7th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We end our updates on a scream. Yes, that sound you heard was us, not a military jet speeding by. We are happy to share the news that Marie Macaisa will be the series editor for Sourcebooks’s MediaFusion line. We’d love to tell you more about MediaFusion (knowing that authors are inherently nosy), but when we clicked on the MediaFusion link on the Sourcebooks site we got an “Under Construction” symbol. Yes, a sawhorse with blinking warnings lights.

It’s 2004, and, well, we have to say something blunt. Either a page is there or it isn’t. It is better to have nothing (like no page) than to feature a page with blinking elements and no information. People aren’t going to be checking back with bated breath. Pages under construction create a negative impression.

Yes, we realize we’re hard on publisher and agent websites, but we feel our wrath is a form of public service. Most of the sites we see are bad (Sourcebooks’s is generally attractive and easy to use, but then we saw the sawhorse) — agents especially could use the web to enhance their professional image by building professional websites.

Like anyone who vents, we feel better now. We’re off to write a few articles…

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