Some Days, We Long For Email Diversion

December 28th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Would we like to get a novel in email installments? Hard to say, but we’re still working our way through early December mail, and it’s not looking so good for January. Also, we have an annoying habit of reading email backward. That’s not to say we wouldn’t try to make it work, it’s just that we haven’t gotten into the habit. Yet.

Email novels or excerpts or whatnot are not particularly innovative. They’re basically a twist on what Dickens, et al were doing back in the olden days. What would be novel is inventing a helpful technology that allows the reader to pick up the book from the beginning, no matter where the rest of the readers are. Without creating extra work for the author. Yeah, that’s a program about as hard to write as a recipe, but that’s what we want from this old-fangled technology. It’s our new invention (except for the part where we don’t program, but we’ll graciously accept idea royalties from whomever does choose to the do the work. It’s easy, we promise.), and that would make us a bit more excited about the concept.

No, we’re not being contradictory, just demanding the best for us.

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