Someone Didn’t Get The Never Say Never Memo

April 5th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Far be it for us to suggest that someone seems a little sensitive about her future, but, well, someone seems a little sensitive about her future. Maybe it’s the fact that she uses such strong words as “preposterous”. Or suggests that the sensual nature of newsprint will save the day. . .ah yes, the black ink on spotless fingers evokes fond memories of happy spring mornings.

Now, we don’t really believe that blogs will replace newspapers. Nor do we think there’s a one size fits all solution for consuming news. It’s just that when the argument in favor of something revolves around stained fingers and . . .

How would we ever light the woodstove without a newspaper, or train a puppy, or wrap fish, or line a parakeet’s cage, or stuff a gift box? Or refer to, or clip from, or compare with, or set aside for further scrutiny, or pass over to a neighbor, or save for a scrapbook?

. . .that we wonder about the depths of delusion. But, hey, that’s just us.

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