The Ally Sheedy Effect

December 14th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

It is rare that we point out the failures of the BS mother, but sometimes we must. Yes, we realize this incursion will lead to a longish catalogue detailing each and every transgression we committed under her roof — we are prepared to take our punishment.

The mother missed a golden opportunity during our seventh year: to make us the youngest-ever published author. She has, in her secret stash*, a delightfully long, involved story — the first-ever book attempted by our young imagination. That a three-page assignment ended up around 21 pages or so should have been the first clue to others that brevity doesn’t agree with our soul. So another young phenom steps into what could have been our shoes. Oh sure, we’ll get over it. Eventually. At least she’s working in non-fiction. We lay no claim to that territory.

In the meantime, we’ll allow you to marvel over the ease of the publishing process — or, if you prefer, allow you to fill in the obvious blanks:

“We didn’t really take it seriously at first but she went away, wrote her list and then came back and said she wanted to use the computer. Quite often if you don’t seize the moment you lose it so I went away and did some housework and she got started. She printed off some copies and emailed some publishers. The following day we got a call from Aultbea and I almost couldn’t believe it.”

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