The Daily Square – Life With the Moons Edition

May 2nd, 2009 · No Comments
by Kassia Krozser

Todays links of interest:

  • Advice for authors
    Seth Godin lays out important points for authors as they go down the publishing path. He mentions number two — start promoting your book three years in advance — twice because it’s so important. And it is.
  • ‘I Want to Be the Online Charlie Rose’: A Chat with Bethanne Patrick
    At Follow the Reader, the brilliant Bethanne Patrick talks about her modest goals. and more.
  • #followreader
    This week’s #followreader discussion on Twitter revolved around bloggers and bookstores and how to make the relationship better. Great conversation!
  • Thank You for Being Honest
    There is a lot to digest in this post from Sarah of the Smart Bitches (really, are we still worrying about being nice girls?), so I’d like to focus on just one item (figuring you’ll read it all anyway): what seems like competition can really be complementary.

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