This Girl Walks Into A Bar

December 7th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We admit it: we have a hard time separating our fiction novels from our non-fiction novels. Where is the line? Isn’t that what makes creative non-fiction so compelling? Is it any wonder we’re of a certain age and still trying to figure out where we fit into the world?

We like the B.J. Robbins Literary Agency (and associate Missy Pontious) because they’re located in a place we know and understand — North Hollywood (we lived there once upon a time, and it’s really not like regular Hollywood, though the Mexican food is excellent). We like the fact that they consider our genre of choice, though we remain, as always, perplexed by the genre fiction restriction. Surely everyone knows that’s where the money is.

Contact Information: B.J. Robbins Literary Agency, 5130 Bellaire Avenue North Hollywood, California 91607, (818) 760-6602. No website, but that should go without saying.

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