Try To Wear That On My Sleeve; It’s All Wrong

May 26th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Hey, sometimes the song fits the mood. Also the song really does have a killer guitar riff. But that’s beside the point. The Happy Booker tagged us earlier today to let us know that she’s posted a fun article about love and critiquing. Not necessarily in that order. We’re not saying anything (much), but Kate and Jim Lehrer aren’t the only couple to have the following exchange. Whether being like the Booksquare household is comforting or terrifying is up to them.

Say, I read a chapter or first draft of Jim’s new book. All amiability, I begin by telling him how he’s really on to something, how fantastic the idea is. Then, “It’s really great, honey, but….” This is the phase where I lay out what doesn’t quite work, what could use improvement. His smile vanishes, his voice gets edgy, he begins to tell me why I’m wrong. Patiently and loudly, as if the other doesn’t quite understand your language and a raised voice will help, I explain why my suggestions make perfect sense, and, indeed, he is wrong. The injured party retaliates either with a terse, “fine,” or an implied — or stated — “you don’t understand what I’m doing.” Gloves are thrown down. The combatants engage. Voices go full-throttle.

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