We’re Just Not That Into It

April 4th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We should have a category for good ideas that should have stayed in the brain. There are many of of them Upperbacks, for one. Non-fiction chicklit, which covers territory that should remain private:

Self-loathing and personal failure were never meant to be celebrated or turned into the latest wing of the self-help industry.

What is the purpose of self-help if not to celebrate personal failure? Right. What is funny in fiction is just downright sad in reality. Hey, we’ve all had those moments; we all feel like our experience gives us a right to offer meaningless advice. We don’t need entire books chronicling pathetic real women. At least in fiction, we know a lesson of sorts will be learned. In real life? Well, take a long look at your friends.

It is not too late to stop this trend in its tracks. In this case, save a tree:

The colon-heavy covers follow the catchy headline/explanatory sub-head format of articles found in women’s magazines, and indeed, all three would have been more bearable at 1,500 words than 100-plus pages (which includes a lot of cutesy graphics and lists).

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