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June 13th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

This is going to take a bit of cleverness, but we’re going to try to work two entirely different concepts into a single post*. Making this a particular challenge is the fact that it’s Monday morning, and one should never attempt cleverness on a Monday morning. We shouldn’t even attempt spelling — our first post was rejected by our brilliant human spell checker three times. Even our corrections had flaws. The spell checker quit when we cried because she’s mean.

HelenKay Dimon has admitted a sordid truth: she reads Entertainment Weekly. But only for the articles. Apparently the fine folks at the publication did a little statistical analysis and come up with a list of prolific writers. Nora Roberts lands in first place, which is surely a testament to copious reprints and an amazing work ethic. Also the benefits of having people to handle your day-to-day business. Further analysis, courtesy of HelenKay, follows, but we admit to our first laugh of the day from this line:

We have a tie at 3rd between Alexander McCall Smith and James Patterson with 15.

I give the edge to McCall Smith since he is actually only one person.

In unrelated news, HelenKay and Wendy Duren have decided that while whining is fun (and should be indulged), sometimes you have to walk the walk. Or is it talk the talk? Perhaps it’s write the review. Ah, that sounds right. They discovered a void in ‘hood and have filled it. Paperback Reader, their new joint venture, starts off with a look at Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me — a book we’re embarrassed to admit has gone unread for over a year at Chez Booksquare. Next life, we are so going to be a kept blogger!

* – Yes, but this time it’s a different matter entirely.

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