Writing Through Soccer Practice

June 16th, 2004 · No Comments
by Booksquare

We don’t mean to enter the dangerous world of sexual politics (frankly, it’s too early in the morning), but there is an interesting theme we find in interviews with female authors. Rarely do we hear of a man who slips his writing time in between preparing meals and shuttling kids to all the things kids do (we’re not entirely sure what this encompasses — our recollection of childhood revolved around books, books, and more books. And a disastrous foray into softball.). This omission continually fascinates us: both men and women discuss getting up early, staying up late, working through lunch hours. Yet we don’t hear about fathers writing through soccer practice or dance class (we imagine this must happen, of course, yet wonder why it’s not mentioned). Writers Write interviews bestselling author, Mariah Stewart, a lifelong writer who finally accepted the storyteller within.

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