Podcasting For Authors

February 28th, 2006 · No Comments
by Booksquare

The husband has embraced audiobooks with an unexpected fervor — it turns out that T.C. Boyle short stories are just the right length for his cardio workout. Also just weird enough for his cardio workout, but that might be more than you need to know.

He’s also been quite enthusiastic about the notion of podcasting novels. Or rather, reaping the benefits of someone else’s decision to podcast their work. In an effort to rouse the official BS enthusiasm, he’s taken to sending us frequent updates. In today’s installment, Cory Doctorow finishes Jame’s Patrick Kelly’s Burn.

We, of course, are easily seduced by a clever combination of innovation and self-deprecation. After all, how can you resist a come-on like this:

A message from the podcast publisher: These are the podcasts of science fiction writer James Patriick Kelly. two-time winner of the Hugo award, nine time loser of the Nebula award. He shamelessly reads his own work in each installment. Click his website at www.jimkelly.net. Now podcasting in its entirety: BURN, his first novel since the Clinton administration — a chapter a week for sixteen weeks. If you can’t wait for the exciting conclusion, check out the dead tree version at Amazon.or your friendly neighborhood bookstore.

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