26 Miles Across The Sea, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

August 27th, 2004 · 3 Comments
by Booksquare

We’ve thought long and hard about this summer thing — it seems everyone takes their vacation at the same time. Not us. We’re looking at sometime in the Christmas range. However, we are taking a long weekend. Yes, it’s possible to hit an island resort without ever leaving California. Heck, without leaving Los Angeles. That this came as a shock to the mother (Southern California native) will go all but uncommented upon. Except for the part where we ask, what state did she think it belonged to?

We are traveling unencumbered (i.e., the laptop is remaining at home, but we’re taking just about every item of clothing we own), so won’t be updating anything this weekend. We trust nothing will happen. If it does, well, we can hardly be held responsible, can we?

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