But What He Really Wants To Do Is Direct

December 13th, 2005 · No Comments
by Booksquare

Even though we often disagree with his politics, we have a soft spot for Dana Rohrabacher. You gotta love a Congressman who surfs. And, sure, we’d rather he spent a little more time paying attention to running the country, but when a man’s gotta write, nothing’s going to stand in his way.

Okay, so he wrote his obligatory* screenplay a long time ago. And what with politics being so time-consuming, it never got off the ground. Possibly it never hit the second draft stage. Rohrabacher might have returned to a life of legislating and surfing had he not — sigh — gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd. We feel for the Congressman. Nobody should be forced to reveal the secrets of early dialogue until the work is polished to a high sheen.

Let this be a lesson for all politicians: just because the President likes your setting doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a five-figure deal.

* – Number one requirement to live in SoCal: A screenplay or at least a really good idea for a movie.

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